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Inside this trailer is the tent that once belonged to RW Schaumbach!
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Gate of Triumph & 
Rick Ross Ministries
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After being diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and given about six months to live, Rick Ross began to stand on the Word of God to be healed, even though he was not serving God at the time.  Growing up in Church, Rick knew that God healed, so he put God's Word to the test.   
God, true to His Word, healed Rick completely and today, Rick is dedicated to taking God's saving, healing and delivering power to the world. 
Sheri was set free of a life of prescription and illegal drug addiction.  Sheri knows that you can have everything the world has to offer, yet be empty without God. 
Rick and Sheri want to see your life completely restored so you can walk in the fullness of the life God created just for you.

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